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I launched at the end of May 2015 and it has kept every minute of my days busy ever since. Now that I know what it takes to maintain a site like this, I am seeking funds to make it a more robust and consistent source for news and information about women directors and their work, as well as a place that leads to more work for female directors. Funds will go toward hands-on help for day-to-day TDL functions as well as design, maintenance, and building of additional pieces of the site and database. With this additional help, I hope to have more time for outreach and the business of getting the site in front of the people with the power to hire directors, so we can see more WOMEN DIRECTORS AT WORK!

Thank you for supporting this project and the work of female directors!


About The TDL website provides news, photos, video, and community that are focused on the film, tv, and video projects that women are actively creating around the world, bringing front and center the women-made work that is often obscured by the male-dominated news on film sites and in the mainstream press.

At the heart of is a database – a list of over 1000 (and growing) female directors with demonstrable experience in features, tv, and/or large scale commercials and music videos. Searchable by medium, genre, and homebase, this extensive resource gives film and TV industry professionals a practical tool to help them find more gender-diverse directors for their projects or rosters.

This project is an extension of the popular Twitter account and Pinterest board known as The Director List, which features female directors and promotes news about their projects. The TDL Twitter account is now 11,000 followers strong! Please join the active TDL community on social media— Twitter, FB, and Instagram.

Destri Martino Founder/Editor – The Director List As a young filmmaker, Destri Martino sought out the work of seasoned directors to provide inspiration and guidance for her own projects, but was often disappointed by the low number of women she found, especially pre-internet.

While doing research for a masters thesis at London School of Economics in 2005/6, she realized there were a lot more women directors than mainstream media coverage, and industry mythology, led one to believe. It was during this time that her passion for promoting the work of female directors was ignited.

A 2012 trip to Cannes and the discovery of a huge number of women-directed films in the Market catalog solidified her desire to raise awareness about this oft overlooked talent; and upon her return to the States she started adding their photos to a Pinterest board to see how many she could find. This was soon followed by the creation of @TheDirectorList on Twitter, which continues to be a healthy outlet for her obsession. 

Destri is a 20 year veteran of the film industry. For the last seven years she has focused on directing and producing corporate videos for a DTLA law firm in addition to other private clients. Prior to that, she worked in feature and commercial production and began her career as an assistant in the offices of John Wells Productions.



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