Funny Bones: An Evening of Dog Stories to Benefit The Pawsitive Change Prison Program




Funny Bones: An Evening of Dog Stories to Benefit Pawsitive Change 

Funny Bones is a virtual fundraising event where storytellers and comedians share hilarious and heartwarming stories about our favorite furry, four-legged friends: DOGS!  This will be a ticketed event with all proceeds benefiting Marley’s Mutts’ Pawsitive Change Program – an innovative and progressive program that pairs incarcerated men with at-risk shelter dogs for mutual rehabilitation. 


How Pawsitive Change Works:

Marley’s Mutts partners with California state prisons to select 24-30 inmates and 8-10 at-risk shelter dogs for each prison program cycle. Over the course of fourteen weeks, the inmates complete very challenging blocks of coursework which involve weekly homework assignments and personal goals.


  • More details about the Funny Bones evening: Storytellers and comedians will share hilarious and heartwarming stories about dogs via pre-recorded video and live stream. These short videos will be woven together to create one cohesive film, produced by SkyCar Creative. There will be two live interludes. During the first, Zach Skow (founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue) will talk about Pawsitive Change Program. During the second live interlude, graduates from Pawsitive Change will share their experience with the program and the dog rescues they’ve created. 



The mission of the Funny Bones fundraising event is to generate enthusiasm and awareness about The Pawsitive Change Program and to raise money by selling tickets to the event and soliciting one-time donations for the program. 


Director Bio: 

Jennifer Lynn: Jenn strives to take the path less travelled. She has danced abroad professionally (ask her about the time she and her dance troupe escaped the first Gulf War), produced and acted in countless projects over the years. Fun fact, Jenn met her husband, who played her husband, shooting a TV commercial. Down the road, they flipped many houses together in Los Angeles, because… why not? During their flipping frenzy, Jenn honed her design skills and eventually seized the opportunity to leverage their historic LA home to become a sought-after filming location and event venue. Since 2016, the Frogtown Magical Cabin has served as the location/background for countless celebrity photo shoots, independent films, music videos as well as special events. 


In 2021, Jenn and her husband are hitting the road, adventuring across the country as she builds her online community and business. She believes that creativity is the answer to the world’s problems. Always able to find time to stop to meet a new dog, Jenn is grateful to have had the opportunity to produce FUNNY BONES - having a positive impact on at-risk shelter dogs and prisoners is all the motivation she needs.


Jane Selle Morgan: Jane has been directing professionally for 18+ years; commercials, web spots as well as short narratives, short docs, and online series. She is best known for directing the first season of The Guild, a web series that garnered many awards including a South by Southwest Jury award for Best Online Digital Series and is currently streaming on Netflix. 


In 2014, Jane co-founded Skycar Creative with creative director Aaron Barry - they offer both creative and production services in the Bay Area. Skycar makes all types of digital short-form content for big brands such as Adobe, Facebook, Coke, and Google. Currently, Skycar Creative is focused on working with companies to highlight their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in social justice and sustainability.



We started Skycar Creative in 2014 with a vision of producing films that speak to audiences through meaningful content and thoughtful execution. We’ve earned a reputation of delivering work that goes further than our clients expect - with a process that is transparent, collaborative, and fun. We value diverse voices not only in our production teams but also in our project content and talent choices. 


Our core strengths are in cinematic live-action and design-driven motion graphics. Our clients range from Fortune 100 technology companies to local nonprofits. In addition to our work for hire, we have self-funded community and social justice film projects about people and organizations that inspire us.


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Funny Bones: An Evening of Dog Stories to Benefit The Pawsitive Change Prison Program