A REACTION to THE overturning OF Roe v Wade


“Give Me An A” is a genre anthology from a diverse group of women and allies inspired by their recent reactions to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. On June 24, 2022 we began our days CRYING, SHAKING, and SCREAMING. The assault on WOMEN’S RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY had begun, lead by our very own Supreme Court. Now we’re ANGRY, PASSIONATE, and HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. We are a group of women with unique perspectives and reactions to the overturning of Roe v Wade. We’ve united to create an anthology of short films to be a STATEMENT, CONVERSATION TOOL, and OUTLET for the undeniable pain of losing rights as a citizen.

We are calling upon our COMRADES, ALLIES, and SUPPORTERS to help us tell our stories.




Natasha Halevi

A director recognized for her FEMALE FOCUSED GENRE work. She is a founding director of FATALE COLLECTIVE who screened at festivals including Fantastic Fest and FrightFest. Her ALLFEMALE short ‘Beauty Juice’ won the Atlanta Horror Film Festival Audience Award and is available on CryptTV. Her FEMALE DOMINATED sci-fi micro-series ‘After Ray’ won Best Series at multiple festivals and was acquired by DUST. Halevi has been a GUEST PANELIST at San Diego ComicCon, Dragoncon and FILM JUROR for FilmQuest and Grimmfest.


Charlene Fitzgibbon

A communications consultant and event producer with a passion for music, culture and the arts. Her investment in the arts is driven by a fierce belief in its power to shape positive impact in the world. Fitzgibbon is focused on collaborating with creatives to develop and produce experiences and programs to tell compelling stories, drive meaningful connections, and build community globally.