Her Persistence

LOGLINE: In the wake of a disastrous US presidential election, women around the world are mobilizing to fight a new human rights battle. This project will amplify, document and support these efforts through strategic filmmaking.

PROJECT SYNOPSIS: The election of Donald Trump, an admitted sexual predator, has awakened the voice and unleashed the power of women around the world. As a woman and a filmmaker, I am committed to using my voice and resources to grow this movement. Her Persistence is a new umbrella project under which collaborative short content can grow. 


MISSION OF PROJECT:  To encourage, amplify and expand the voices of everyday women as they find their place in the new human rights movement.

1. The first piece, a social media optimized PSA the planned “Day Without a Woman” General Strike (March 8, 2017), amplifies one of the forgotten founders of the general strike, Clara Lemlich. The social video features the self-recorded voices of women singing the unofficial Women’s March anthem, intercut with poetic visual narrative scenes of spaces without women. https://vimeo.com/206686753

2. The second piece is a mini-doc following a woman-helmed neurodiversity project at the 2017 March for Science in San Francisco. This one was shot with an all female student crew. https://vimeo.com/228922301


3. We are current in post on a short film that focuses on the the feeling so many women have starting 2018 - they just want to burn it down. #metoo  The inspiration for the piece is "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down" by Ann Peebles - a powerful song that was covered by a male singer in the 80's and basically co-opted into a male narrative.  Our piece reclaims the female roots of the song and has a goal of pointing a new generation of women to Ann's music. We are looking for donations for finishing and licensing funds. ( Screenshot attached.)



Cinefemme's Federal Tax EIN Number is 52-237-4579.  Our address is 1014 Broadway #477 in Santa Monica, CA.  Donations to this project can be made via the donation button above, through a charitable fund, or by check.  Checks should be made out to Cinefemme and have "Her Persistence" written in the memo section. Checks must be mailed to:


1014 Broadway #477

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Her Persistence