Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

Our call for sponsored projects is OPEN.

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What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Sustainable filmmaking requires strategy, intellectual and financial support.

A smart step for the independent non-commercial project is taking a fiscal sponsor, who serves as a fiscal umbrella for your project. With it’s 501(c)(3) non-profit status established in 2002, Cinefemme serves as a conduit for financial resources (donations and grants) to qualifying non-commercial projects. Projects approved for the Cinefemme Fiscal Sponsorship Program are able to solicit tax-deductible donations. Filmmakers can also access government and foundation grants restricted to non-profit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects. Very importantly, all rights, title and interest to the project belong to the filmmaker.

Cinefemme takes 8% fiscal agent fee for all funds processed.

Here’s how it works: Individual donors and foundations give directly to Cinefemme, indicating funds are in support of your project. Cinefemme writes you a check for your funds (less the administration fee), and the donor gets a tax write-off. Funds are accounted for at the end of each month, and if you have received any donations, a cumulative check will be disbursed. Each year, we will send you a 1099. Projects in the Cinefemme Fiscal Sponsorship Program are targeted at projects with a female director, or other types of projects that further our mission (such as The Director List).

We hope you take advantage of our individually tailored service, programs, mentorship, online fundraising tools, marketing, promotion, member salons, and networking opportunities. Most importantly, you have access to rich peer-to-peer education through a community of seasoned filmmakers committed to innovation, authenticity and bringing out the best in female-driven storytelling.

We have also worked with several crowdfunding campaigns and can serve as fiscal sponsor on those types of projects. Deeper discounts, as well as further conditions, may apply.